Exact has been has been automating business processes for SMEs and their accountants since 1984; enabling customers to work efficiently, make informed decisions, and ensure confident, profitable growth.



Komexo is one of Exact’s leading partners for delivering integrated financial solutions for SMEs. We chose Exact and they chose us because, like Komexo, they are flexible in their approach, they move fast, their solutions are future-proofed, and they offer easily understood, seamless to integrate, and comprehensive business solutions for financial processes.

More specifically, Exact understand the specific financial processes needs of manufacturers. Combine their experience with Komexo’s and you will be assured of having the best possible team of manufacturing business process software experts on your side.

The best possible team of
manufacturing business process
software experts 
on your side



One central system for all your financial
and operational processes.

Exact provides a solution for every warehouse, giving complete insight into stock, eliminating the risk of error, and saving time.

Exact for Finance provides up-to-date insight into all your financial processes with comprehensive reports and dashboards. This enables you to make informed strategic and operational decisions: sales, costs, results, liquidity, risk and management. You will have the key financial indicators your business requires, accessible at any time.

Experience the convenience of one solution for accounting, risk management, financial project administration, analyses, (e-)invoicing and your entire spend management process, but also finding All information (projects, budgets, or e-mails) is easy to find with Exact, since it’s all stored in one central location. Optimal integration between all locations and head office makes it easy to work across the business, prevents duplicate information, improves cooperation between departments, and saves costs.

Key administration tasks and issues are automatically monitored in Exact. Sales, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, balance sheets, budgets, cash flow and auditing processes. You receive automatic alerts when action is required, ensuring that you can focus on progress rather than constantly checking. You can also set up additional alerts yourself as you need them.

With the support of the laws, regulations, languages, and currencies of more than 30 different countries as standard, any transactional complications around international operations are removed. Every month, you get improvements and changes through product updates, ensuring you comply with the legislation in the countries where you operate. They ensure that the correct files are exchanged with the bank and support 3000+ bank formats of 450 banks worldwide. Furthermore, it’s possible to generate country-specific reports. In that way, dealings with customers and suppliers abroad are also effortless.

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