Komexo International — across the UK and Europe — enables manufacturers to make the essential connection between their end-to-end processes and the transformative value of Industry 4.0. by making sure the processes themselves are connected. 

We identify scope for improvement and potential for accelerating product development, minimising risk and waste, and assimilating change without upheaval. 

We focus on the fastest route to our customers’ strongest  competitive advantage. 

Then we make it happen.

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Komexo specialises in creating, integrating, and implementing technology solutions to help general manufacturers and precast concrete manufacturers to leverage automation. We empower our customers to streamline planning and associated processes; from product design and engineering, through to supply chain management and finance. We address the Bill of Materials requirements that are so often complicated for engineering departments; linking core ERP systems directly with CAD systems to create a harmonious and simple BoM process.

Ronald Hufener


Sicco Ringia

Product Manager

Andries Bouma

Functional ERP Consultant

René Te Woerd

Technical Consultant

Jordy Simon


Ivo Kikken

Senior Consultant/ Developer

Rig Kikken

Customer Support

Fabian Bessems

Senior Consultant
Fabian is essential to the implementation process, with extensive project experience in the concrete, mechanical engineering, and food and beverage industries. He specializes in implementing CAD and financial interfaces and trains customers, ensuring they become fully operational with Komexo solutions.

Machiel Tap

Senior Consultant
Machiel has over 20 years of experience in the automotive, warehousing, logistics, and electrical components sectors. He has held significant roles such as Department Head of the Business Office at Continental Banden Groep BV and Shared Services Manager at Honac BV. Machiel is well-versed in the challenges manufacturers encounter when transitioning to a digital future providing strategic guidance for achieving rapid success.

Max Van De Laar

Software Developer
Max, a techno wizard with a lifelong passion for computers, joined Komexo as an intern in early 2021 while pursuing his IT degree. He quickly made a significant impact, impressing Komexo customers with his skill in creating customized software solutions.

Pieter Zwartjes

Functional App. Consultant
Pieter is a dedicated technologist with a strong commitment to delivering exceptional customer-focused solutions. Since joining Komexo , he has quickly emerged as a key player in the technical department. His experience in the metal industry, specifically tube bending, adds a practical perspective to his work. Additionally, his deep understanding of business processes is bolstered by an MBA in Business Administration.

Sjuul Lenssen

Technical Consultant
Sjuul has more than a decade of experience in finance and accounting, specializing in the use of ERP software to enhance efficiency. At Komexo, he helps clients maximize the financial benefits of ERP systems. His diverse industry background allows him to easily pinpoint automation opportunities across all financial activities in manufacturing companies.

Stanley Gerritse

Functional ERP Consultant
Stanley is a proactive individual known for his ability to effortlessly get things done. After earning a degree in Business Informatics from Avans University of Applied Sciences in 2012, he joined Komexo as an Implementation Consultant. His role involves delivering solutions to customers and bringing the Komexo Manufacturing Advantage to life.

Edwin Van Wezep

Business Consultant / Manager
Edwin is an expert in logistics administrative automation with experience in the manufacturing industry. He has held multiple roles in software organizations, particularly focusing on ERP solutions. At Komexo, he works as both a Consultant and Account Manager, interacting with numerous customers to optimize their use of applications.

We believe that optimum exploitation of technology
is about adding value, not just about eliminating
problems; driving the future, rather than
amending the past.


Smart production in a sales order-driven production process.


An excellent example of ERP software in use.


Excellence in the concrete industry with its innovative use of KomexoBeton.