From October 2015 till September 2016, HP Valves had a completely new production facility built at Thales’ High Tech Systems park in Hengelo. From early 2016, Komexo was involved in the transformation of the company’s logistics processes. We also thought about adjusting the product structure and taking care of system integration of the Isah ERP and other systems, such as:

  • Unmanned fork lift trucks (AGVs)
  • Rail system (Caldan suspension system)
  • Industrial laser printer (laser marking metal plates)
  • Pin stampers (applying 2D bar code to product)
  • Multiple spray booths
  • Pick to Light assembly tables

In addition, various web applications have been developed that are linked to the ERP system. Through these applications, HP Valves receives specific data about what is happening on the work floor and this data can be fed back to the ERP.

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We believe that optimum exploitation of technology
is about adding value, not just about eliminating
problems; driving the future, rather than
amending the past.


Smart production in a sales order-driven production process.


An excellent example of ERP software in use.


Excellence in the concrete industry with its innovative use of KomexoBeton.

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